Finding Another Way

Dealing with Relationship Doldrums

Couples who have been together for a few years will often experience a time where they find their life has become boring, and many of them seek out ways to add the excitement back into the equation. They might decide to begin dating one evening a week, or their solution could be a bit more radical. Sports are a good way to build a team, so some of them decide to get out of the house and join a local league. For those who have decide extreme measures are in order, there are plenty of ways for them to get out of their relationship doldrums while having fun.

Coordination counts

When looking at sports leagues to join, it is important that both partners are in good physical shape. If either of them has an existing medical condition, they might think twice about doing something that could aggravate it. Sports require people to push their bodies in many new and different ways, and coordination counts in many of them. Being able to participate is an important factor, and a partner who is constantly benched due to a medical condition or a lack of ability will not find it a fun activity. They will be more likely to give up if they are not both enjoying their new sport.

A laugh together

There are sports where individual accomplishments are an important part, but there are also times when a person can get stuck in place literally. Couples who decide to take on an adventurous sport like climbing might find that one of them can get no further, and they will be stuck in place until they can find a solution. A laugh together can help ease the strain of a partner being stuck in place, and it can help them realise they have climbed out of their rut even if the cliff or mountain remains to be scaled. While they might not have accomplished their climbing goal, they have reached the goal they were seeking within their relationship.

Safe adventures

Couples who have a case of the relationship doldrums are often looking for excitement in their life, but it pays to ensure their own safety. For those who are looking for excitement, remembering that safe adventures will leave them able to continue as a couple is a good way to make a realistic choice. Climbing mountains is not for everyone, but trying a zip line adventure could give the relationship new life. As long as they choose something where there are safety measures in place, they will have an excellent chance of enjoyment without being concerned about debilitating injuries or large hospital bills.

A long term relationship often requires two people to make occasional adjustments, and those who feel they are stuck must look for new adventures to keep their emotional health in balance. Trying new things is a good way to get out of their rut, but jumping into a hospital emergency room should never be their goal. They need to find something they can share as a team, and they should be willing to consider the abilities both of them have before embarking on their new goal.